What is your Covid protocol?

KMAF follows San Mateo County recommendations which do not require the use of masks at this event. Please enter at your own risk and use common sense in how you interact.

Are pets allowed at the Fair?

For everyone’s safety, no pets are allowed. Registered service animals are exempt. Please be kind and thank you for your cooperation.

Why shouldn’t I bring my pet?

Out of concern for the safety of the art and our patrons, we do not allow pets into the Art Fair (service dogs are excepted). Please be kind to your animals and leave them at home. They will be much happier.

How much does the Fair cost?

The following are free: admission, parking, the gorgeous redwood scenery, the fresh outdoor air. However, we encourage you to bring cash, checks and credit cards so that you can enjoy the food, beverages, cookies and, of course, take home those treasured pieces of art. ATMs are available.

Can I take SamTrans to the Fair?

We are located in a rural area not served by SamTrans.

Do you have Handicap Parking?

There is no parking lot and therefore no handicap parking. Disabled visitors can be dropped at the front entrance, and rest comfortably while waiting for companions to return from parking the car. Because our Fair is in the redwood forest, most of the grounds are on the forest floor, with uneven, sawdust covered, hilly terrain. From the front entrance approximately one third of the Fair is staged on pavement, including Food and Beverages. Benches and seating areas are also located for someone to sit and wait while companions visit the less accessible areas of the grounds.

How can I contact an artist that was in the show?

Please check the list under artists. If there is no website listed, contact us at kmafsecty@kingsmountainartfair.org.

Is there any room for “free speech” or public service tables at the Fair?

Because our Fair is a fundraiser for our Volunteer Fire Brigade and other community organizations, every booth space must generate income. Thus, no “free speech” or public service tables may be accommodated.

I have some dietary concerns. Are there any “secret” ingredients I should be aware of?

We do our best to list the ingredients on our menu; however, there is a splash of beer in the pancakes.

What does it take to become a volunteer firefighter?

It takes just as much as it takes to be a professional firefighter. Our volunteers receive the same training as professionals (initially 114 hours). They are required to maintain annual certification in five areas. Many are also EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certified. They make this commitment because the closest emergency services are at least 20 minutes away in Belmont on Tower Road (10 miles northeast near the interchange of Highways 280 and 92) or at Skylonda (8 miles south at the corner of Highway 84 and Skyline Blvd.).

What exactly is considered Kings Mountain?

Kings Mountain is geographically defined as Skyline Blvd. between Highway 92 and Bear Gulch Road West, including the ancillary roads.

Do you have a Lost and Found?

Lost and Found items are collected at the Information Desk during the Fair. Every effort is made to match items to their owners. Items left unclaimed are held for six (6) months and then disposed of appropriately. If you have lost something, please contact us.

Do you have a waiting list for artists?

Artists must be juried in order to exhibit at the fair or be on the Waiting List. Artist application deadline is Jan 30.

Will there be photography or filming at the Fair?

This event may be recorded and broadcast through social media. By entering, you consent to your image being used in this manner.